Mohammed Hassan Sheikh

Mohammed Hassan Sheikh

CEO of Derayah Public Relations, Training and Content Management Company

Mohamed Al-Sheikh has accumulated experience in the fields of media work in all its branches and specializations. He began his career as a journalist as a member of the General Assembly of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, after which he graduated into administrative and editorial positions.

He assumed the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Boarding Magazine” affiliated with the Arab Tourism Organization, then founded “Travel Net,” the leading website in the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The position of managing editor in the “Saudi Al-Manateq Newspaper 2015” was one of the most important stations in his journalistic work, as the newspaper won an advanced ranking among the major Saudi newspapers, and a number of appreciation awards.

In 2021, he launched Derayah Public Relations, Training, and Content Management Company, which represented a qualitative leap in his career path, and in which he employed many combined experiences in related work, as Director of Public Relations at Prima Company in Riyadh, or as Executive Director at Al-Sahm Al-Tale’a Agency in Jeddah.
In the field of media training, he supervised the organization of the “Professional Broadcaster Diploma,” which benefited hundreds of trainees around the world, with the participation of an elite group of academics and professional leaders in the fields of journalism, documentary investigations, radio, and television in the Arab world. This qualified him well to obtain the agency of the Canadian Arab Academy and the Anardez educational platform in Cairo.

He also proved his competence in the field of public relations, starting from working as a media organizer for the Mauritian Embassy in Riyadh, to organizing many media conferences since 2018 on a freelance basis for a group of international companies.

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